Sabtu, 12 Juni 2010

Happy Hippies! From Chanel!

Dear fashion lovers. Have you seen Chanel Resort 2011 collection? It just combine hippies style and beach sider stylish people. From transparent silk till bluish denim will make your eyes relax.

Simple. Easy going. And yet prét â porter. You can use it twice, and no people will notice that you have been wearing the same jumpsuit. They know it's Chanel, and they know le qualité.

One thing i like from their collection: it's around you. You can find easily their collection from somebody around you. Plus point: they use NO high heels--just comfy walk with their barely feet.:) Oohh.. Welcome to my paradise Hippies!:D

Kamis, 10 Juni 2010

House OF Holland My New Favorite Brand! :D

Hey there! So soooorrrryy… I let my blog empty for looooong time. :)
I moved to my new office and need time to adapt, (well… honestly, I’ve been lil’ bit lazy to write anything in last 4 month). Voila! Now, I work for Kawanku magazine. An Indonesian teenage magazine that teach teenager to have their own style—not catalogue or teach teenage to be a “Celebrity Copy Cat.” Oh yeah, and yes… I’ll show you my work. :) But, now, I want to share a collection from my new favorite brand, “House Of Holland.” This very awesome brand has dazzling my eyes with their Fall/Winter 2010 collection in London Fashion Week. They don’t give you a long and knitted coat or a super thick combination. They give you a stunning dresses, from preppy girl look until rock star with colorful tone. Ahh… love it! Love it! Loooooove it! :* Plus info: they using great pattern cloth (ooh.. I’m soo-dying-to-know what they wear). We can use a batik to replace that! Go… Go… Batik Go!! :) sorry.. too much spirit! :D So don’t wait… check their collection… I show you some of them. :)

Cheers! Kisskiss..:*

Rabu, 20 Januari 2010

Born to Create

Leave me with a pile of cloth, so I’ll transform it to beautiful dresses

Like what I did today. I woke up with zero idea of what I should wear to office. Then I looked into my closet and found lots of cloths wait to be treated, from batik, silk, until cotton (I always have huge ideas but don’t have time to bring it to my private couture.) So then, I never out of tricks. I took one of those cloths and try it on my body, wrapped it, tied it, and last one, use a pin to rope it into “beautiful TEMPORARY asymmetric dress.” Et voila! Look at some pictures I’ve made before went to office.

photos description:
i wore batik cloth as asymmetrical dress, red batik bangle, vintage chanel tote bag, black necklace worn as bag keychain, steve madden pumps.

Senin, 18 Januari 2010

Stunning in Christmas Evening

Me and my sister (when we’re not fighting) always be a camera addict or “banci foto” as we called in Indonesia. So then, it begins in last Christmas Eve. Before and after, even during that day, we were took many pictures. And this is it! Happy Christmas lovelies! Kiss! Kiss! :*

photos description:
me : DIY batik dress, star earrings, DIY bag, flowered bangle, black stocking, black pumps
my sister: flowered baloon vintage dress, wedges by charles & keith, black necklaces, little pearl necklace worn as bracelets.

Beauty in the Eye…

You might be familiar with the proverb, “Beauty is in the eye of beholder” and think that this article might talk about it. But, i don’t. I just want to share an issue about one of our face part that has a big affect in our beauty: eyelash. I believe that I have big and beautiful eyes (it’s not a narcism). But really, if you believe you have a beautiful part on your body and soul, be graceful to say it! Well, Right about now, I want to discuss about eyelashes. We can use mascara on it, extend it, or make it thicker. One thing to think before does everything to your only two eyelashes: make it better, not destroyed. Sometimes, if we did too much to it either wears expired mascara until wrong eyelashes extension will make you ended with fall out eyelashes. That seems not good to your eyes performance or even your all look.

I don’t assume you to do nothing to your pretty eyelashes. You should love it and make it better. Here some solutions that will beautify what you already had:
1. Don’t do extension or everything that related with chemical mixture. If you really want to do it, don’t forget to do research before and do an extra care to it after.
2. After wears a mascara, make sure you cleanse it thoroughly and softly.
3. If you a mascara-person, these tips might help: wears mascara from the root of your eyelashes and apply it up direction.
4. Don’t wear eyelash curler too much or when it’s dirty. It will make your eyelash busted.

Happy eyelash-ing!:)

Jumat, 01 Januari 2010

Salut 2010!

Who got a best gift in the very beginning of this year?
I could be one of them. This is the first time in my life, done all my resolution before (or maybe in time) closing year. I'm soo happy, i can introduce my very own bf to my parents, bring him to my family and well, little bit awkward at first but at the end i know. i know. i know that i've just stepped out from something i used to be: being an secret loner. i should, and i've just did it, moving forward to "paint" my future.

Welcome 2010! i hope everything gonna be beautiful this year... start from being honest. honest to yourself. :)

Happy New Year lovelies! Have a great 2010....:)


Minggu, 20 Desember 2009

Another Blue Dress

I like to combine what I have in my closet. Like this one. I wore my summer dress from forever twenty one with my vintage plaid shirt. They become so sweet plus rebel just like the way I am. Love it!:)

Ps: this week I fall in love with blue, esp. this kind of blue. Please let me know if you found anything in this tone and I would like to grab it from you! :)

pict: Blue Dress by Forever21, Brown Plaid Vintage Shirt, Grey Web Sandals, Brown Tote Bag from Bangkok